Update: Get Your Cash for Clunker Appliances Now!

Maryland’s appliance rebate program, begun on April 22, will last only until the $5.4 million runs out.

Better act fast. The state-administered rebates are going quick. In Illinois, energy- and money-wise customers went through their state’s $6.2 million in one day.

As part of last year’s federal stimulus bill, the U.S. Department of Energy distributed $300 million among the 50 states for energy-efficient appliance rebates. When and how the funds were distributed was left to the states.

Maryland Energy Administration spokeswoman Christina Twomey assures us there is still money in the kitty.

“We have no indication we’re on the verge of running out,” she says.

The utility companies are processing the rebates for Maryland and tracking the rebate numbers daily.

“We’re hopeful we can avoid some of the snags other states have encountered,” Twomey says. “So far our program is running very smoothly.”

Find qualifying appliances and rebate forms at www.energy.maryland.gov/appliancerebateprogram.asp