Your Say: April 26-May 2, 2018

Congratulations on 25th Anniversary

       I remember when you started and when you were in Tri State Marine in Deale, home of the Brothers Osborne. I love to read and support your local newspaper, with many fond memories over the years. Keep on for 25+ more years.

–Sara Hourihan Taylor, West River

Parker Creek Coalition Cleans Up

      Saturday, April 14, members of Deale communities celebrated spring with the first annual Parker Creek Clean-up. The event was organized by the Parker Creek Coalition, a not-for-profit organization established three years ago to address the common environmental and communal interests of residents living in the environs of Deale’s Parker Creek. After a light breakfast at 8:30am in a member’s back yard attended by about 25 volunteers, teams fanned out in three directions to remove roadside trash. 

       Volunteers picked up refuse along Mason’s Beach Road, Deale Beach Road and Mimosa Cove Road and adjacent streets that needed cleaning. In each area, a driver stayed in the car behind the crew with lights flashing until the cleanup concluded. A fourth driver used his pickup truck to collect the large bags once they had been filled.

      Cleanup continued nearly two hours and shown in the accompanying picture, with trash piled high, are the results: 31 bags of trash, two tires, a wheel, a crab trap, a crab cooking pot, an automobile muffler, a florescent tube and a piece of vinyl siding.

      We plan to host this cleanup on an annual basis in the hope that there will be fewer bags to fill as time passes.

–Heather Lynch, for the Parker Creak Coalition