Your Say: Dec. 19-25, 2019

So Barn Quilts Are What Those Are

Re: Calvert’s Barn Quilt Trail, Nov. 21,

      Thank you Bay Weekly and Bill Sells for enlightening me about the quilt designs in place throughout Calvert County. I pass two of them each day on my commute and wondered what their purpose was. It took a free newspaper to explain the cause, whereas the county paper I subscribe to never mentioned them.

–Allen Delaney, Prince Frederick


North Beach Boardwalk Attracts Many Visitors

I saw this beautiful crane sitting on the railing of the boardwalk at North Beach this past week. He was patiently waiting for his next meal to swim by.

–Fred Noble, North Beach

Bay Weekly Hits Close to Home

Re: I Thought I Knew Where I Lived, 11/28/19, and Appreciation:  Thanksgiving for a Life, Mary Kilbourne: 1936-2019;

      What a wonderful issue with both husband Dave Linthicum’s article and the tribute to our good friend Mary Kilbourne. Dave was delighted to see his article. Sitting here in New York, he said it looks great.

–Peggy Brosnan, Bristol