Your Say: Nov. 23-29

Thanksgiving is a Wonderful Time to Remember We Are All Immigrants

     I am grateful for your cover and story in Nov. 16’s Bay Weekly.

     Thanksgiving is a wonderful time to remind us that we are (most all of us) immigrants, and how very special becoming an American can be and is for so many folks who have not had the good fortune and advantages that most of us who were born in the USA have had.

     As always, I continue to be grateful for the caring you bring to Bay Weekly and the services and gifts it offers to our communities!

–Michael Glaser, St. Mary’s City

What About Those Birds

      This is in response to a letter by Mike Stewart in Your Say (Nov. 16) about birds missing from his feeders:

     In my 30+ years as a birder, I have occasionally seen this at my feeders.  Most often, it means there’s a predator in the area, probably a hawk or stray cat. If it’s a hawk, the birds will return to the feeders when the coast is clear. If it’s a cat, you may want to trap and relocate it since cats will continuously hunt the birds when they land on the feeders.

–Patrice Cogswell, Port Republic

Cheers, Thanks to Greenstreet Gardens

      Someone once said, Our giving reflects us.  I am writing to say that the generosity of Ray and Stacy Greenstreet reflect them as super role models for giving back to the community. On Nov. 17, they hosted the fifth consecutive Twilight Open House Benefit in their local Greenstreet Gardens, turning it into a spectacular winter wonderland. For the community, they — and countless hours of their personnel — created a festive and elegant holiday scene that included cheerful nostalgia in a charming train and village display.

      If that wasn’t enough, they featured local wineries, caterers, restaurants and carryout sources for tastings, giving those local businesses an opportunity to showcase their wares.  

      Local support didn’t end there, as proceeds from the enchanted evening were all donated to the Captain Avery Museum. During this season of giving thanks, I want to express my deep gratitude to Ray and Stacy for their community support and involvement. Additional thanks to their employees.  

      What a way to start the holiday season! Cheers to Greenstreet Gardens.

–Pat Freiberg, Interim Director: Captain Avery Museum