Your Say: Oct. 17-23, 2019

The Best of Times

     My heart skipped a beat when I read it. Giving up the ship? Not my ship, with Sandra, Alex and others I remember so fondly.

     My first introduction to the paper was as a delivery person. I loved it.

     Then I was given a chance to do some actual writing, under the watchful eye of Sandra. I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me that experience, although short-lived in real life, inside a living thankfulness.

      To see another newspaper closing is sad. Almost as sad as seeing bookstores closing. Hopefully I will never see libraries closing. I love to feel and smell a book, old or new, to touch and mark up a newspaper, clip out items I want to remember. I’m rambling, but in the end I wish everyone a wonderful future. My love to all at Bay Weekly. 

–Vicki Marsh, Deale Beach

Editor’s note: Vicki Marsh has been many things to Bay Weekly, including our Motorcycle Mama. Her 2005 story You’re Never Too Old documents How Grandma Became a Biker. Enjoy it at


Alternative Futures for Bay Weekly?

      I am sorry about the possible loss of the Bay Weekly! Please do not close it. It is a great community resource!

      As a nation we are losing newspapers at way too fast a pace!

     We need you! Baltimore lost the free City Paper when the Baltimore Sun bought them out.

      Consider employee ownership along with community sponsorship- ownership- support. Many weeklies are asking for donations to keep independent and running.

     Good luck on the search in keeping the Bay Weekly paper going.

     Thank you for many years of great local news and a fantastic resource of goings on in town.

–James DeRidder, Pasadena