Your Say: Oct. 24-30, 2019

What We Like about Bay Weekly

      Don’t know what it takes to convince you to continue, but if it’s a large group of volunteers — retired professionals or otherwise — I wouldn’t hesitate to ask, if I were you. You may be surprised at what you get. I’d be glad to step in, for one, and could convince some others, I’m sure, to do the same.

      Or perhaps try charging for copy (but it might have to be a token amount; right now the price is SO right!). But then you’d need a business staff for accounting/collection, etc., adding to your cost.

      What else can I say! You are appreciated by a large and diverse community.

–Rosalie Dunn, Riva

      It was very disappointing to hear you will be ending publication of the Bay Weekly in a few months.

  I have eagerly looked forward to getting the Bay Weekly every Thursday to see your articles on life in the Bay area and events for the upcoming week.

  It was in the Bay Weekly that I first saw notices about the World Artists Experiences-sponsored performances. After attending a few, I volunteered and later became their publicity chair. Bay Weekly always listed our events, and often highlighted pictures of the performers. You would also periodically run feature stories. We are very grateful for your support.

  It was also my pleasure to meet you at the PR Bazaars. I was impressed with your professionalism and passion for knowing what was happening in the Bay area. I have also been impressed with your willingness to offer young aspiring reporters the opportunity to participate in community journalism.  

  Best of luck in your future endeavors.

–David C. Mitchell, Publicity and Marketing Team Chair: World Artists Experiences

      I echo David Mitchell’s sentiments!  

      We are all so grateful to you for taking the story of bridging the people and cultures of the world in our community and building our vision for people to better understand.

      Thank you from the heart! For all of the energy, enthusiasm, thoughtfulness and care for our community and those who seek to make a difference in our world.

      We wish you all the very best in your journey ahead.

–Betty McGinnis, World Artists Experiences