Your Say: Sept. 27-Oct. 3, 2018

Some Housing Unrestricted in This Adult Community

       In the adult community where I live, I was getting ready to take the birdhouse down for cleaning when I saw this frog looking at me (lol). So I left it hanging there. A couple of days later he or she was still there. When a friend and I thought maybe it should come out because we didn’t think it was getting food in there, it jumped out. Then I kind of missed it and kept looking to see if it came back. Sure enough, it did. Now he or she just hangs out there looking.

–Tilly Craig, California Maryland 

Meals on Wheels Honors Volunteers

       At our annual meeting at the Calvert Pines Senior Center, Calvert Meals on Wheels honored volunteer drivers, board members and delivery route coordinators. We honored deceased volunteers who served 10 years or more by placing their names on a plaque that hangs in an Office of Aging conference room. Honored this year were Jack and Doris Johnson, Jacquline Justice, Rose Byrd, and and Florence Wilkerson. Certificates were presented to two volunteers from the ARC of Southern Maryland, Anthony Jones and Adam Deadlock.

      Calvert Meals on Wheels’ mission is to help homebound people who are unable to prepare meals to live more independently. We deliver a meal and a smile five days a week. The all-volunteer organization is governed by a board of directors. Volunteers consist of drivers who deliver meals, delivery route coordinators who manage eight routes throughout the county and board members. We are a United Way agency participating in the Combined Federal and Maryland Charities Campaigns.

      Calvert County residents who need Meals on Wheels delivery may call 410-535-4606 or 301-855-1170.

–Shirl Hendley, President: Calvert Meals on Wheels