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 Vol. 10, No. 10

March 7 - March 13, 2002

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The How-To Cowboy™ Rides Again
Bringing You Another Secret, Magic How-to Fun Trick:
How to Make Musical Milk

1. Sit at a wooden table. Make double, double sure the table is made of wood.

2. Find a metal fork, one with flexible prongs, like Grandma’s fork.

3. Pluck the middle prongs so they make a “ting” sound. Hold in left hand, pluck with right hand (reverse if left-handed). Hold fork in air. Do not rest on table.

4. Make the “ting” sound several times. Practice. Get good at it.

5. Now pluck the fork prongs, “ting,” then gently place the fork on the wooden table. Listen to the resonant “wow wow wow” echo sound. Practice this several times.

6. Now the fun part. Find a glass. Fill it with milk. Place it on the wood table. Find a friend (sucker).

7. Tell the sucker you are going to make musical milk — that you will make milk sing.

8. Tell the sucker you are going to take the fork’s “ting”sound, place it in the milk glass and the milk will respond with a ringing “wow wow wow” sound like the fat lady at the opera.

9. Do it. But DON’T let the sucker see you put the fork on the table.

10. Watch the sucker’s mouth drop.

11. Do it again with flare. The sucker will say, “ooooh, aaaah. How did you do that?” Don’t tell.

12. Now you know how to make musical milk. Book yourself on television. Become a star. But don’t get a swell head

Meet the How-to Cowboy™

At the Bay Country Boat Show April 13 & 14 in Hollywood, MD or at the
Sandy Point Water Festival - April 27 & 28 at Sandy Point Park.

The How-to Ranch Hand Challenge: Send a unique how-to trick to IM Press, PO box 5346, Takoma Park MD 20913. Include step-by-step instructions and, if accepted, you’ll see your trick published in this space and receive a Little Ned Stories book and a $10 check.

Visit the How-to Cowboy™, aka Edward Allan Faine at this website:

Kids’ Stuff

Write Your Way to Fame!
Be Kind to Animals
Third- to fifth-graders in Calvert, Charles or St. Mary’s county write to win a new bike or savings bonds, explaining what it means to be responsible pet owners. Winners announced May 3. Mail or drop off (8am-6pm M-F, 8-4 Sa) essays by March 22 at Tri-County Animal Shelter, 6707 Animal Shelter Rd, Hughesville, MD 20637. Information? 800/903-1992.

Middle School Students Give Peace a Chance
Seventh & eighth graders win certificates and, for top three, cash prizes for reflecting on how to respond to September 11 attacks. By April 15, essays up to 1200 words address this topic: What alternatives to military action would you propose as a response to the attacks? Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of these alternatives. Sponsored by the Peace Action Chapters in Anne Arundel and Montgomery Counties. Information? 410/263-7409.

Saturday, March 9
It’s a Groundhog Life
Take an adventurous hike to look for resident groundhogs and their holes, plus read a groundhog story, sing silly groundhog songs and take home a cool groundhog craft. Ages 3-5. 10am @ Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. $2; rsvp: 410/222-6115.

On the Wing
How good are you at peeking thru trees and brush to catch a glimpse of elusive birds? Bring Mom or Dad and show them how kids notice the small details that adults miss. All ages. 1-3:30pm @ Battle Creek Sanctuary, Prince Frederick. $3/adults, $1/kids; rsvp: 410/535-5327.

Discovery Hike
Explore the park during a Saturday morning hike. Ages 4 & up w/parent. 9:30-11am @ Watkins Nature Center, Upper Marlboro. Free; rsvp: 301/218-6702.

Sunday, March 10
Eggs to Legs
Investigate animal life cycles such as insect and amphibian metamorphosis. Meet live animals hatched from eggs and take a hike in nature’s nursery. Dress warmly. All ages. 2-4pm @ Jug Bay Wetlands Sanctuary, Lothian. $2.50 w/discounts; rsvp: 410/741-9330.

Tuesday, March 12
BabyBug Storytime
Sandra Lovett Ray shares stories, games and riddles from this month’s Babybug Magazine, including her very own poem I Say Good Morning. 10:30am @ Borders, Bowie. Free: 301/352-5560.

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