Volume 12, Issue 53 ~ • December 30 2004 - January 5,2005
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Earth Journal
by Gary Pendleton
The Flora and Fauna of 2004

It’s the time of year for endings and beginnings. About now, I begin to list subjects for my Bay Weekly Earth Journal for the new year. So far I have written down screech owl, spring beauties, beavers, yellow-bellied sapsucker, garden spiders. I like to reveal and celebrate commonplace plants and animals that I think are underappreciated.

At the same time, I review last year’s list so that I can remember all the things I did and feel a sense of accomplishment.

In 2004, I focused on flora and fauna of the wild: brown creeper, mink, bloodroot, catbird, sea nettle, cuckoo, Maryland yellowthroat, buckeye butterfly, crow, coyote and loon.

This year you also saw many old friends, as since July, Earth Journal has reprised creatures from earlier years.

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