Volume 15, Issue 1 ~ January 4 - January 10, 2007

Letters to the Editor

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Twin Beach Players’ Thanks and Farewell to a Founding Player

Dear Bay Weekly:

Thank you for supporting Twin Beach Players production of A Christmas Carol. You do such a marvelous job supporting our organization. We cannot thank you and your staff enough for all of your help with our productions.

Please extend my sincere thanks to Dick Wilson for his thoughtful review about our production. It means a great deal to the many volunteers who are the cast and crew. I am also grateful for the kind words Dick had about the management staff and me.

Also please extend my thanks to Marnie Morris for getting all that show information in a professional looking advertisement and to Carrie Steele for creating such a cute write-up and photo in the 8 Days a Week section.

I would have written sooner but on December 4, during our run of the production, Hans Green passed away. Hans was a gifted actor, who narrated our first two productions of A Christmas Carol. He was also instrumental in forming Twin Beach Players. In December 1997 I had the opportunity to join Hans with his mom, Joyce Halley, and Anne Remy to put on our very first A Christmas Carol production.

Hans’ passing is a great loss to his family, friends and Twin Beach Players.

Again, thank you so much for you support!

—Janine Naus: President, Twin Beach Players

The Best of Burton

Dear Bay Weekly:

By far the best of Bill Burton this year or any other is his autobiographical article, “The Roads I’ve Taken Reflecting on 50 Years in Maryland.”

I hope to see more installments or better yet a full length, bound effort.

Many thanks for Bill.

—Greg Whipp, Annapolis

Burton Penned Down

Dear Bay Weekly:

Bill Burton’s “Burton on the Bay” column from Vol. 14, No. 40 of 2006:

Mr. Burton writes the following: “In 1832, John Jacob Parker, founder of still-popular Parker pens, came up with a self-filling pen.”

This is incorrect. The founder of the Parker pen company was George S. Parker.

Mr. Burton also writes, “In 1884, the fountain pen as we know it today first came on the scene when L.L. Waterman (today, Waterman Pens) came up with a pen that sent ink to the nib by capillary action for smooth and even writing.”

  The founder of the Waterman pen company was L. E. Waterman, not L. L. Waterman.

—Daniel Kirchheimer; www.PenRestoration.com

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