Vol. 8, No. 18
May 4-10, 2000
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“Papa’s Got a Brand New … Crab”

Well, maybe James Brown doesn’t sing his song quite that way. But when the ‘Godfather of Soul’ comes to the Chesapeake Bay Blues Festival at Sandy Point State Park May 20-21, he just might tailor his lyrics.

Excuse us if we make this editorial message brief. We need to go rest for another Chesapeake

Country spring weekend. Looking at our calendar this time of year makes us break out in a “Cold Sweat,” as James Brown might sing. Do we live in the most happening place on the map, or does it just seem that way?

This weekend, on Sunday, May 7, is our own Bay Weekly annual Birthday Bash and charity fundraiser starting at noon at Surfside 7 Restaurant and Dock Bar along the South River Bridge on Route 2. There’s food, drink, live music, healing arts and a very cool auction. “I Got the Feelin’,” we’ll all be singing.

If James Brown is the “hardest working man in show business,” then Pam Parks and Judy Howard are the hardest working women with the gavel, auctioning off goods that range from airplane rides to the biggest, prettiest jade plant we’ve ever seen.

To get ready, guess we’ll have to limit our Cinco de Mayo celebrations on Friday — which you see advertised in Bay Weekly — to tres or quatro.

But Saturday’s no day of rest, either. After gatherings in Calvert for festivities, among them the North Beach Millennial Centennial festival, we’ll have to hustle up to the Maryland House and Garden Pilgrimage in Southern Anne Arundel before we choose from our evening events, which include the opening of Annie at Chesapeake Music Hall in Annapolis.

We don’t want to miss anything because, as James Brown sings, “I’m a Greedy Man.”

That is, if we don’t decide just to go fishing on the second weekend of this too-big-to-be-true Maryland rockfish season. Good thing there’s plenty to do when Monday rolls around, including Big Band music and swing lessons in Eastport.

“I’ll Go Crazy,” as James Brown sings, just making up our minds. I mean, when do you find time to plan for weekends during the rest of May, which are equally packed with events such as B.B. King’s visit to Waterside 2000 at the Calvert Marine Museum May 26?

Before we go take our nap, we must turn on the stereo and play one more James Brown song to get prepared.

“Get Up Offa That Thing.”

Copyright 2000
Bay Weekly