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Vol. 8, No. 18
May 4-10, 2000
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Let's Go Camping!

Turn off the TV, grab your backpack, and get ready for campfires, starry nights and wild animals! With warm weather and long days, springtime is perfect for camping.

Choose a park in the mountains, along a river or at the beach. When you arrive, put up your tent and add a sleeping bag. Now you’ve got a home-base. Check out hiking trails and get a list of local wildlife from the ranger station. You’ll be surprised at the number of animals that might be watching you.

No camping trip is complete without a campfire. Find a safe place to build your fire (on flat, clear ground away from anything that could start a forest fire) and make a fire ring out of rocks. Have an adult help you. Once the campfire is blazing, you can roast hotdogs, cook beans and lots of other food. Don’t forget the marshmallows!

After dinner, tell ghost stories, sing songs and play charades. Before you fall asleep, listen to night sounds around you and look up at the starry sky. Then snuggle into your sleeping bag to get ready for another day of adventure.

Camping Fun

Sarah Brewer is always looking for fun. Here is one of her favorite camping adventures.

I remember one year when we were camping in Maine. Our campsite was by the water, and the tide would go out very, very far. Once, when the tide was out, my sister and I went into the mud. We walked out to a little island, and the mud was up to our knees. On the way back, we fell down and got all covered with mud. It was so much fun. We were so dirty we had to ride on the trunk of the car to go to the showers!

Do you have a camping adventure to share?
Let us know! Send it to Bay Weekly Camping
• POB 358 • Deale MD 20751

Be On The Look Out For Wild Things!
Fill in the blanks to discover what animals may be watching you.

1. M _ O S _
2. _ _ X
3. _ E A _
4. S _ _ K _
5. _ _ C _ O _ N
6. _ _ E R
7. C O _ _ T _
8. _ _ G L _
9. _ W _
10. B _ _ _ ER

Campfire’s Ready … Let’s Eat!

Cook dinner and dessert — fast, easy and yummy!

Chicken packets:

w cut-up chicken w cut-up potatoes, carrots, green beans w butter, salt & pepper
Place everything in aluminum foil packets and cook over campfire.


w graham crackers w chocolate bar w marshmallows
Roast marshmallows until perfect. Place between 2 graham crackers with a piece of chocolate.

A Scary Bear Story or Two …

l “It’s a bear!” someone said. I looked and saw a bear climbing a tree trying to get someone’s lunch. It had been hung up to keep it away from the bears. But this was a hungry bear. He tried hard to reach it but missed and fell from the tree, off he ran.

l Along a narrow trail in the Maine mountains, my daughter and I heard a noise. We looked up and saw a big black bear drinking from a stream just 20 feet from us. The bear looked up and stared. We were ready to climb the nearest tree, but he ran far down the hill, more afraid of us than we were of him.

Kids’ Calendar

Bay Weekly Birthday Bash
Sun. May 7(12noon-5)-Come out for free food and fun at Bay Weekly’s 7th Birthday Party. Play volleyball, paint your face and meet PFD Panda, Sparky the Firedog and the characters behind Bay Weekly. Silent & live auction proceeds benefit South River Federation. rsvp: 410/867-0304.

Cold Blooded Creatures
Sun. May 7 (2pm)-Frogs, snakes and salamanders play hide-and-seek as you stroll through Kinder Farm Park. See how many of these cold -blooded creatures you can find. Ages 5-12. $1. Kinder Farm Park, Millersville. 410/222-6115.

Nature Scavenger Hunt
Sun. May 7. (2-3:30pm)-Sharpen your naturalist skills on a scavenger hunt through the trails of Flag Ponds. End your search with a guided hike to find what you missed. Flag Ponds Nature Center, Lusby. rsvp: 410/586-1477.

Stories In The Woods
Tues. May 9 (10:30-noon)-Hike to a quiet place in the spring woods to listen to stories and enjoy some treats. Bring Mom or Dad. Ages 3-5 . Kings Landing Park, Huntingtown. 410/535-2661.

Excite Your Brain
Tues. May 9 (7pm)-Read: The Stories Julian Tells, by Ann Cameron and get together for a great discussion and activities. Ages 1st-3rd grades. Borders Books, Bowie. 301/352-5560.

Tea Party with Mom
Wed. May 10. (10:30am)-Celebrate Mother’s Day with a party for kids and moms. Make pretty placemats and napkins. Then have tea. Bring Grandmas and Aunts too. Ages 3-5. Northeast Community Ctr, Sunderland. $3. rsvp by May 5: 410/257-2554.

Breyer Horse Day
Sat. May 13. (11-2pm)-Paint your own Breyer Horse. Use your imagination and artistic skills to transform an unpainted model into a beautiful hand painted horse all your own. Be Beep Toy Store, Annapolis. 410/224-4066.

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