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Volume 13, Issue 51 ~ December 22 - December 28, 2005


Illustration: © Copyright 1925 M.C. Escher/Cordon Art-Baarn-Holland; Graphics: © Copyright 2002 Pacific Publishers.Reprinted by permission from the Tidelog graphic almanac.

Bound copies of the annual Tidelog for Chesapeake Bay are $14.95 ppd. from Pacific Publishers, Box 480, Bolinas, CA 94924. Phone 415/868-2909.Weather affects tides.

This information is believed to be reliable but no guarantee of accuracy is made by Bay Weekly or Pacific Publishers. Tidelog graphics of Hampton Roads tides are repositioned to reflect Bay Weekly's distribution cycle.Tides are based on National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and are positioned to coincide with high and low tides of Tidelog.

Friday | Saturday | Sunday | Monday | Tuesday | Wednesday | Thursday

Friday H L H L
Annapolis 9:47pm(TH) 4:39am 10:27am 4:26pm
Herring Bay 8:27pm(TH) 3:19am 9:07am 3:06pm
Solomons 6:42pm(TH) 1:34am 7:22am 1:21pm

Saturday H L H L
Annapolis 10:26pm 5:14am 11:25am 5:40pm
Herring Bay 9:06pm 3:54am 10:05am 4:20pm
Solomons 7:21pm 2:09am 8:20am 2:35pm

Sunday H L H L
Annapolis 11:08pm 5:49am 12:21pm 6:59pm
Herring Bay 9:48pm 4:29am 11:01am 5:39pm
Solomons 8:03pm 2:44am 9:16am 3:54pm
Monday H L H L
Annapolis 11:54pm 6:25am 1:13pm 8:14pm
Herring Bay 10:34pm 5:05am 11:53am 6:54pm
Solomons 8:49pm 3:20am 10:08am 5:09pm

Tuesday H L H L
Annapolis 12:45am 7:04am 2:02pm 9:19pm
Herring Bay 11:25pm 5:44am 12:42pm 7:59pm
Solomons 9:40pm 3:59am 10:57am 6:14pm

Wednesday H L H L
Annapolis 1:39am 7:47am 2:50pm 10:17pm
Herring Bay 12:19am 6:27am 1:30pm 8:57pm
Solomons 10:34pm 4:42am 11:45am 7:12pm

Thursday H L H L
Annapolis 2:34am 8:33am 3:38pm 11:07pm
Herring Bay 2:34am 8:33am 3:38pm 11:07pm
Solomons 11:29pm 5:28am 12:33pm 8:02pm

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