Volume 13 Issue 7 February 17 - 23, 2005

On Our Cover:
Our Lead Story
Footworks … Stomping a Folk Ballet of America’s Many Rhythms
When they hear the call of the ever-present fiddle, the lifeblood of clogging music, Footworks dancers will whirl, jump and pivot.


Big Backup at Bay Country Bridges

Letters to the Editor
Families United by 8 Days a Week
Ruritans Clean up after Litterbugs
Can’t Tell Our Aladdin from Beauty and the Beast
Department of Corrections

Dock of the Bay
Tour de Clay
Grapes Take Root Where Tobacco Once Grew
Remember the Good Old Days?
Way Downstream,

Bay Reflections
Shop at Mega-Mart and You’ll Need Time and a Flare Gun

Bill Burton on the Bay
Catching Diamond Jim: The true story of a rockfish with a $10,000 diamond in its mouth

Earth Journal
Owl wants to know who cooks for you? by Gary Pendleton

Earth Talk
Can Smart Growth knock out creeping sprawl?

Movie Review
Parker on The Wedding