Volume 14, Issue 32 ~ August 10 - August 16, 2006

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Shades of Green

Is Anne Arundel County Executive candidate George Johnson serious about the environment — and can he go from sheriff’s khaki to Kermit’s green? by Sandra Olivetti Martin, Bay Weekly managing editor

Minutes to Burn

Local scientist keeps UV light at Bay. by Carrie Steele, Bay Weekly staff writer

Critical of Maryland’s Critical Area Law?

Anne Arundel citizens get two votes to untangle a knotted ball of string. by Alexandra Brozena

Creating an Artistic Cacophony with 2,501 Wind Chimes

Annmarie Garden seeks to bust world records. by Alex Murray

Way Downstream ~ How clean is the water in your part of the Bay? … Calvert baits its hook with tax breaks to lure a third nuclear reactor … For better or worse, Maryland approves new terrapin-catching regulations … Now some eels can go home again … And last but not least, this week’s Creature Feature, in our beleaguered Bay, another Chinese import: mittened crabs.


Editorial • Reflection • Letters to the Editor

Dr. Gouin’s Bay Gardener ~ Think Ahead; Dig Ahead: Thriving spring iris need your attention now.

Bill Burton ~ From Solomons to Battlefields and Back: The stories of men who lived to tell them.

Earthtalk ~ Climate Change Hits Home: See global warming effects from New England to the Pacific.

The Sporting Life ~ An American Masterpiece: Tracing the lineage of the bait-casting reel. by Dennis Doyle

Tidelog® Sky Watch ~ Tracking the Moon: No matter how big it apppears, the moon is always the same size. by J. Alex Knoll

Curtain Call ~

Annapolis Summer Garden Theatre’s Cabaret: A musical but not a shallow one with a cast that shines light into the shadows of a world falling to pieces. reviewed by Dick Wilson

Talent Machine Revives Grease: This memory-evoking production adds nostalgia to the end

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