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Volume xviii, Issue 6 ~ February 11 - February 17, 2010

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This Week’s Features . . .

The Smell of Love

How Cupid lured our
30-year-old virgin

It’s in the nose. How else could I explain my luck with Becca? friends had tried for some five years to get me dating, with little to no success. Then Becca comes along, my drowsy mojo sparks to life and I actually initiate a date. A few, even. Our relationship is months old, and my weird hasn’t scared my belle away.

Happily Ever After

One guy’s guide to marital bliss

“What’s that you’re saying?” she demanded.

“Nothing, Dear,” I answered. “I was just thinking out loud about what I needed to get done this weekend.”


by Dennis Doyle

What to Do While
We Wait?

When the snow got deeper than my dog is tall, I started building a pile of books on my worktable.

Reading has always been my best source of entertainment and inspiration during periods of forced inactivity.

Sky Watch

by J. Alex Knoll

Milkier than the
Milky Way

How bright can a little dust be?

Moonless winter nights are your best chance to see the zodiacal light, a dull glowing pyramid, stretching from the horizon where the sun set up to the heavens’ zenith. Perhaps you’ve even seen the zodiacal light, sometimes called false dawn, confusing it for the glow of twilight.

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Dear John

Star-crossed lovers weave a tale to make eyes cross from boredom in this flat melodrama.

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Eat, Drink ... Love

Romance is in the air.
And on our palettes.

Strawberries, champagne, oysters, chocolate and ... more chocolate. Food and drink with sumptuous tastes, velvety textures and intoxicating smells, all tools of seduction otherwise known as aphrodisiacs.

The Dynamic
Doctor Hochman

Physician-pianist celebrates 50 years at Anne Arundel Medical Center

Rick Hochman has three loves in life: His wife June; playing piano; and practicing medicine. Now, the doctor has crossed a milestone, earning a commendation from Anne Arundel Medical Center for 50 years of service.

Trained Eyes on the Skies

National Weather Service wants you
to be a spotter

Established by the National Weather Service, skywarn trains volunteers to provide timely and accurate reports of severe weather to the National Weather Service Forecast Office in Sterling Virginia. The weather spotters identify and describe local severe weather, which aided by Doppler radar, satellites and other data, helps the National Weather Service issue warnings for nasty weather.


It may be cold, but there’ll be a bright golden haze on the meadow at Maryland Hall for the Performing Arts when the Annapolis Chorale and Annapolis Chamber Orchestra present Rodgers and Hammerstein’s musical Oklahoma!

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The Bay Gardener

by Dr. Frank Gouin

More Fun with Geraniums

If you have some, you can have more

Now is the time to take cuttings from your indoor plants.

I have been growing and propagating my favorite geranium, Bridget, for many years.

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